DIY Motorcycle Luggage Rack

“It is characteristic of the spirited man that he takes an expansive view of the boundary of his own stuff- he tends to act as though any material things he uses are in some sense properly his, while he is using them- and when he finds himself in public spaces that seem contrived to break the connection between his will and his environment, as though he had no hands, this brings out a certain hostility in him. Consider the angry feeling that bubbles up in this person when, in a public bathroom, he finds himself waving his hands under the faucet, trying to elicit a few seonds of water from it in a futile rain dance of guessed-at mudras. This man would like to know: Why should there not be a handle? Instead he is asked to supplicate invisible powers.”

-Shop Class as Soul Craft, Matthew B. Crawford, 2009

The BMW System Cases are beautiful, but if I’m going to pay $700 for a motorcycle luggage system, there needs to be a motorcycle that comes with it. I found this left side case at the BMW swapmeet for $40, and made the “rack” out of steel stock and hardware from Hardwick’s. It works great, looks kind of OK, and it even locks! I’ve been searching for a matching case for the right side on ebay, but they’re all mucho dinero.

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