Day 6-7

It’s time to finish up posting about this trip!

The San Francisco Bay area is my favorite place in the world. Sorry, Seattle. While I was down here visiting my mom and brother, Bubba and the Snowpeach flew down to meet me. We visited Point Reyes National Seashore:

My mom rode the bike barefoot:

Jordan and I checked out some junk-art:

And Bubba practiced his parallel parking:

On the day that I left Berkeley, I stopped for coffee and listened to this guy playing Bill Withers covers on his accordion. Amazing!

The ride home was not going to be as interesting as the five days I spent getting down here. I left on monday morning, and had a class to attend on tuesday evening. I could have slabbed it all the way home on I-5, but there was a section of highway between California and Oregon that I really wanted to check out, Highway 96 out of Happy Camp to Indian Creek road. It turned out to be a mistake, but it was a scenic mistake.

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End of the road, somewhere on Indian Creek road on the morning of Day 7:

The snow closure meant many miles of backtracking, and riding a lot more of the slab than I had intended. In the end it was still worth it, and I made it to my torts class in time anyway. It is strange that riding on the freeway for six hours is equal to the fatigue and exhaustion of riding for ten or twelve hours on curvy backroads. Boredom is a killer.

Highway 96

Indian Creek

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  1. Charles says:

    Forest, thanks for the latest installment on your trip! Looks like another great ride to inspire us all to seek adventures, even when they lead to snowbound roads! I don’t know how many of those I’ve also found, hahaha! Thanks for the photos, great memories brought back by those. Dad

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